Prism Product Fabrication


What We Can Do

Whether you have an idea or an established product, PRISM can handle the job. PRISM can take you through the entire process from samples and prototypes, and on to manufacturing the final product. No idea is outside the realm of PRISM’s capabilities with our category offerings. With multiple manufacturing facilities, PRISM is more than ready to develop bulk production for your company. Partner with PRISM and allow us to show you the possibilities. We’re ready to perform.

Who We Are

PRISM is a multifaceted organization that offers professional products. Visit our website to view a detailed category and product list. PRISM is proud to offer quality products to meet your professional needs.

PRISM (Production and Rehabilitation for Inmates in the State of Mississippi) has the capability to supply manufactured products and also develop a client’s product or idea through all stages of production. So if you are a start-up, or if you have a product and need it manufactured on a larger scale, PRISM is prepared to do the job. Having multiple manufacturing facilities makes PRISM extremely competitive and capable of producing products in bulk. We are committed to personalized service offering you the best production experience possible. PRISM will partner with you to meet your production needs and deliver a high quality end product.


Why Choose PRISM

PRISM is more than production. The dedication to client service sets PRISM apart from the competitors. We focus on delivering high quality products, with a high quality experience. In order to better serve clients, PRISM is expanding fabrication operations to meet current demand and future expectations. This will allow PRISM to increase current high capacity manufacturing while allowing for future growth. We provide an efficient, easy-to-use website that makes viewing products simple and our customer service is always ready to answer any questions you may have.

Our focus is to produce quality products, offered with quality service. We are not just looking to meet your manufacturing needs, but to also offer a professional experience that will create a relationship you can trust. Choosing PRISM is the smart partnership decision for your professional manufacturing process and development.